Pastiche Pulp

A light hearted (and in part, deeper) explanation

The Shape of Things to Come  |  mixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

The Shape of Things to Comemixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

In keeping things simple, these quirky, playful works are made up of digitally layered and collaged photographs, (both original and sourced). They are pieced together, in the first instance, using some references of other artist's works ('Pastiche') and created in a concentrated way where streams of consciousness were let run free, pulling the works to their own, intimate conclusions. It would be dishonest (or pretentious) to claim being a mere passenger, but as much as one was able, the thoughts were allowed to run free over hours, or days, (albeit with some of life's inevitable interruptions) in a focussed frenzy of visual and symbolic ideas.

She Whispered Him a Lovesong  |  mixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

She Whispered Him a Lovesongmixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

At an all together separate time, a few visits to scrap yards yielded a somewhat random but nevertheless interesting collection of displaced junk (or as they say, another man's treasure). This collection of physically (and perhaps emotionally) damaged bric-a-brac ('Pulp') was mended, rejuvenated and (temporarily) saved from extinction.

Thereafter, the junk and collages were aligned to each other, impulsively but purposefully in an unlikely but spirited merger, the kind found when Oscar met Felix (as in 'The Odd Couple') or when Harold met Maude (or when Ann Darrrow met Kong etc etc), resulting in the whimsical but meaningful works laid out here.

Copy of Another Woman, Sitting  |  mixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

Copy of Another Woman, Sittingmixed media (archival print and acrylic) on wood

Delving deeper, these pieces when looked at as a whole push forward the temporary nature of all things. The recycled bric-a-brac, the earthly materials, the archival inks as much as we wish for their longevity and craft them using modern technology, building them to 'last', they represent only the fleeting moment of the present when viewed with a wide-eyed perspective in the grand scheme of life, which is what these works (in part) attempt to do. Here today with strength and fortitude, purpose and meaning but eventually gone tomorrow with at best a mere twinkle...they, like us all, will eventually return back to the earth, decomposed or dusted with the momentary and hopefully joyful memory of what once was.